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Upcycled Baskets Painted for Easter!

For the last few years, I have been looking for the perfect Easter Baskets for my girls.  When I’ve been out and about, I have found a few that I liked but, the price just seemed to high.  I have to say I am kind of a cheapskate.  I decided that I would head over to the Salvation Army to see if there were any basket, I know I have seen lots in the past.  I picked out four different ones and they ranged in price from $2.99 to $3.99, what a deal!!! Now,  that I had the baskets I decided that I wanted to paint part of the baskets to give it a dipped look.

Here is a picture of the baskets I found at the Salvation Army.

  Painted-Easter-Baskets 1

I then decided, that I would use some pastel spray paint that reminded me of Easter colors to create my dip look.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 2

I used painters tape to tape off the top part of the basket and create a line where the color would end.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 3

Then, I spray painted the basket.  Once, the paint was almost dry I removed the painters tape.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 4

Another, picture of the painted baskets.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 5

Once, I finished three of the baskets my daughter Becca throw a small fit because she wanted all the colors on her basket.  She gave me specific instructions on how she wanted the basket painted; Blue on the bottom, Purple in the middle, Green on the rim and a Pink handle. I was reluctant at first, I wanted hers to be look like the other girls but Becca was not happy, so I did as she asked.

This basket took a lot of tapping off between change colors.  Make sure you let the paint dry before you cover it with tape to paint the next section to avoid paint removal.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 6

Becca’s finished Easter Basket.  I do have to admit that the basket is really cute and if I was 3 almost 4 years old, I would love this basket!

Painted-Easter-Baskets 8

These baskets are now ready for the Easter Bunny to come fill them!

Painted-Easter-Baskets 7

It is amazing how a little color or a lot can change to look of an ordinary basket! Happy Easter!

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