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Painted Pinecone Flowers.

I would like to introduce my daughter Tiffany, she just turned 6 years old last month.  She is my #1 fan, so much so, that she has asked to do her own blog. I thought this was a great idea so I told her that she could start out blogging with me.  Here is Tiffany’s 1st post!!!! Written and instructed in her own words. (I did help take the pictures but she has informed me she needs to learn how to use the camera herself too.)

First, we cut the pinecones.

pine cone flowers 002 1

pine cone flowers 005 1

Next, we paint the pinecones.

pine cone flowers 007 1

pine cone flowers 006 1

pine cone flowers 013 1

Then, we spray glitter on the pinecone.

pine cone flowers 018 1

Then, we add more glitter.

pine cone flowers 019 1

Then, we put gems.

 pine cone flowers 025 1

See my next blog post to see where I put the flower pinecones.


I had to post a picture of Tiffany’s written step by step instructions to capture this moment. I AM ONE PROUND MOMMY!!!

pine cone flowers 032 1




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  1. Aweeee so cute! Way to go Tiff! 😉

  2. That’s a great idea, and a great post by Tiffany!

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