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Paint Stir Stick American Flag

When we moved into our new home we found this gem in the planter. Sure, it might not look like much of a gem to many but; to me I couldn’t wait to have my girls put a fresh coat of paint on this Paint Stir Stick American Flag.  I knew that we could make this flag even better than the first one, a simple coat of paint and pop, it was ready for display.

If you would like to make this from scratch you will need:

  • Paint Sticks
  • Red, White and Blue Paint
  • Clear Lacquer
  • Nails
  • 2  1″ x 2″ x 12″ piece of wood
  • 4″ x 4″ thin piece of wood

American-flag -stir-sticks

Step 1: Cleaning and preparation 

First, wash the flag; it was the current home of a few spiders!  Next, we wiped it dry and peeled off any chipping paint. (Using a fine grade of sandpaper will do the trick here too.)  Now, we removed the blue and star panel. We decided to leave the rest assembled and work with it at this point.


Step 2: Painting

I had the girls repaint the exiting paint stick while attached to the 1 x 2 x 12 inch piece of wood, it would be easier if we were making it from scratch and they were individual so we didn’t have to worry about getting paint in the wrong place.  If creating from scratch start by painting 4 paint stir stick red and then the remaining 3 paint stir sticks white.


american flag

Next, paint the square blue and let dry.


In the making of the white stars, I had the girls dip their fingers in white paint and place them on the blue square. This made the flag a little more meaningful and he kiddos had a blast while do it!


Step 3: Resembling the Flag

If you are making this from scratch, take the two 1 x 2 x 12 pieces of wood and turn them on their sides. Now take one of the red paint stir sticks and used it to measure the distance needed between the second pieces of 1 x 2 x 12.  Next, you will nail the paint stick to the wood pieces. Repeat, with all the painted paint stir sticks alternating red then white!

Once, you have the flags red and white stripe, nail the blue and white square in the upper left hand corner of the stripes.  I have to admit, I used hot glue to place my square on the flag and one hot day in the direct sun light the square fell right off so nailing is definitely a better option. Live and learn right!

Now that the flag is nailed together you can go back and add a little paint over the top of the nail heads to give a finished look!

Step 4:  The finished Paint Stir Stick American Flag


My girls had so much fun helping to refurbish this Paint Stir Stick American Flag! The flag is now on displayed proudly in our front yard.

Flag-made from paint stir sticks

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Paint stir stick american flag


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