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Owl Decorated Pumpkin

When we were making the flowers for Tiffany’s Painted Pinecone Flowers post, we noticed that the flowers looked a little like Owl Eyes…So once again, we started to think, what should we use to make an owl?  Well, we figured it out!  An OWL PUMPKIN…it’s a little too early to carve a fresh pumpkin so we decided to buy a artificial foam pumpkin!  This way we can keep it year after year too.


Here’s what we did:

We cut the pinecone to create the eye.  Then, we glued a googly eyes on the pinecone eyes we cut.

Owl Pumpkin 3 1

Next, we cut the tip of the pinecones; we thought they looked like the talons of the Owl.  Then, we searched the yard to find something that looked like an Owl’s beak.   We ended up finding a piece of wood from the wood chips in the planters.  We also found some bark from a tree to use for the ears of the Owl.

Owl Pumpkin 5 1

Now, it’s time to put everything together. We used a hot glue gun to add everything to the pumpkin. We also cut off the top of the pumpkin to add a plant to give it a little feathery look. My youngest daughter reminded me to add the ears… you can see them poking out of the plants pot.

  Owl Pumpkin 6 1

We then placed the Owl pumpkin on the front porch with a few real pumpkins that we will be carving later, a bell of hay, and a floral arrangement.  

Owl Pumpkin 8 1

Owl Pumpkin 7 1

 The porch is now ready for the Trick-or-Treaters.




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  1. This is so adorable. What a really cute owl idea (there are never enough cute owl ideas IMO) I love it!

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