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Organizing Kid Toys.

Having a messy home makes me feel overwhelmed, so having a place for all my kids’ toys is imperative. I have a phrase that I use with my kids “One toy in, one toy out!” Even when the girl’s friends come over they know the phase! It doesn’t always work but, when I go into the room and see that there are lots of toys I can remind them “One toy in, one toy out” and they quickly begin to pick up! Organization is a key factor on keeping a room clean. Here are few things that we use in organizing the girls room.


Cube Organizers!

We bought a 9 cube storage unit and fabric drawers a few years ago. This is a fantastic piece; it has last many years for us. You can pull out the fabric drawers, move them to wherever the kids are playing and they hold a lot of toys. All the toys are inside and out of sight! They are great for keeping collections of toys in.

Organized kids room 3-1

Stackable shelves!

I needed something to hold all the craft items that the girls use almost on a daily basis, when I found these stackable shelves I was extremely excited!  They are the perfect size to place on top of the cubic organizer and they have a shallow basin to hold supplies, yet are open enough to be able to pull supplies in and out of easily.

Organization for Kids Rooms 5-1

Utilize the space under the bed!

I have many baskets, boxes and plastic been that I slide under the bed to keep items organized and clean.  The plastic bins makes it easy to see what is inside and they have a lid to keep items dust free.  I also used fabric cubes, they fit perfect under the bed to give it a nice finished look and the kids can grab there handle for easy access.

 Organization for kids rooms 6-1

I purchased a queen size comforter for my daughter double size bed; this gives me the option to drape the comforter to the floor so that items under the bed don’t have to be exposed.

Organization for kids rooms 4-1


You don’t have to only place books on bookshelves.  My mom bought the girls the cutest house bookshelf.  I placed some books in a basket on the bottom shelf and toys on the rest.  Great ways to display toys at eye level for young kids and keep things off the ground.

 Organization for Kids Rooms 7-1

Toy Boxes:

Toy boxes are good for all toys.  I like to place the toys that we only have a few of them in the toy box.  It is also a great place for larger toys. I was lucky enough to have my Dad make this one for me.

Organization for kids rooms 2-1

Utilize Your Bigger Toys!

The girls have a play kitchen that opens up, we use the refrigerate and stove to hold all the kitchen items.

  Organization Kids Room 1

Keeping the kids room organized helps mommy to stay sane and also teach the kids to keep a clean organized room. Organization is a great skill to have and learning at a young age will help your children continue as adults!


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