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Mint Green Baby Nursery

When my second daughter was born my husband didn’t want another pink room.  So, I quickly suggested purple and he squashed that idea.  He wanted something more neutral.  He didn’t want anything pink, purple, and nothing girly.  Well, I went on the hunt for cribbing and I came up with a patterned that was primarily blue and yellow, it did have pink and flowers though.  After all, we are having a girl.  After choosing the cribbing I decided to paint the room green, MINT GREEN.  I wanted to create and accent wall too, I was thinking wall paper but we decided to paint a diamond pattern instead.

The first thing we did was move all the articles in the room to the middle of the room and cover it with plastic.

 Baby Nursery 12

Then, we taped off the walls:

 Baby Nursery 5

Here are a few pictures of the newly painted walls.

Baby Nursery 9

Baby Nursery 10

Baby Nursery 11

Then, we began decorating.  I hung the crib blanket on the wall, it is recommended now-a-days not to use blankets in cribs and it was a little itchy. I converted an old vanity from my childhood, into a changing table by added a piece of cut plywood to the top of the vanity and placing a changing pad on it. There was a small gap between the changing table and the vanity so I added baskets with diaper supplies to fill the void.

Baby Nursery  6

I hung a Baby Sister shirt on the wall with cute flower hanger hooks.

Baby Nursery 1

We added a corner piece to this part of the room.  It was wasted space due to the way the doors opened.  This created more storage for the room and created a fantastic place to display stuff.

baby Nursery 3

I used fabric pictures that matched the cribbing to tie in the cribbing to the other side of the room.  I love the three placed vertically!

Baby Nursery 4

Baby Nursery 7

I was at Ikea and I found this white flower wall lamp.  I fell in love with it.  My only thought was it was to plain so I painted the center of the flower pink and added yellow highlights to the petals!

Baby Nursery 8

The finished Nursery!

 Baby Nursery 2

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