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Minions made from Recycled Containers

I’ve probably have said this before, I just have the hardest time throwing away containers.   These rather large containers have been hanging out in my garage for some time now.  (On a side note these sourdough San Francisco Pretzels taste amazing.) Well, like I was saying before I had these containers taking up room in my garage and when my Friend mentioned she was going to have a Minion Party for her daughters I knew just what I was going to use them for. Minions made from recycled containers! These Minion containers can be used for a few things; decorations at a party, decorations in a child’s room or playroom and even storage.

What you will need:

  • Container (maybe in a minion shape)
  • Spray Paint
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sponge Brush
  • Jar lid
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Glue

I turned a play date with the soon to be birthday girl into a decoration preparation play date. I truly don’t thinks the girls could have had any more fun created their Minions.

recylced minion container

We started off by removing the labels and spray painting the containers yellow.   Once, the containers were dry I handed the yellow container to the girls to and transform into their Minion of choice.  Using sponge brushes and paint brushes the girls went to town painting.  Both girl did the blue overalls and their own version of pockets.



We used spaghetti sauce container lids to make the minion googles, the girls painted the lids silver and painted eyes on them.  Here are a few pictures of the girls playing around with the eyes before we glued them on their Minions.


After a fun photo shot with the eyes, we hot glued the Eyes/Googles to the container.  To make them look more like googles we glue a black ribbon to the container as the strap.  Then, each girl added a mouth and the minion were almost complete.


One of the Minion’s had a bald head so we added the lid and Bob was born..The other Minion had just a few pieces of hair, so we added a few pipe clears (chenille sticks) to represent the hair and Stewart was born!

The great thing about the containers is that the lids do come off making them great for storage bins for your Minions toys or anything else you can think of and the size is perfect for large objects.

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Recycled Minion Containers

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