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Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party

Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party!

Decorations, Set up, Food Ideas and Party Favors included.

I know I have been blogging on this Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party for a few weeks now.  Well, I had such a blast creating it, I didn’t want to leave any details out.  Here is a wrap up of the entire Party!  My daughter and her friends are still talking about the fun they had!

Decorations for me, are what really helps to make the party. I wanted to create an underwater feel for the kids so, I took plastic table clothes in two colors and stapled them to the patio cover.  When stapling them, I left a little swag in them. This actually worked out really well, because when the wind blew it created a wave like look.

Under-the-sea-party 1 under-the-sea-party 2

Then, we hung large Jelly Fish Lanterns and Fish Lanterns.  Click on the highlighted link and it will show you how to make each one.


Fish-lantern Collage

The food table was used as focal point for the party.  Once agian, I had the honor of having my BFF from over to help me when putting together the party. We used multi-layers of fabrics to create a back drop and table coverings.  On top of that we hung and placed glittered sea plants and creators.  I also had seashell and sea glass scattered about.  This area doubled as Ariel’s Grotto, so we used treasures from the house to recreate what she found in the movie; old urns, candelabras, silverware aka Dingle Hoppers, sea net and silver tea sets. You can use just about anything here!

under-the-sea-party 11

under-the-sea-party 9

under-the-sea-party 8

under-the-sea-party 6

The food table stuck with the party theme as we had and Under the Water Sea Menu that any little one would enjoy.

under-the-sea-party 3

Featured here are Crab Sandwiches which we called Sabatian Sandwiches after Sabatian the crab in the movie.

under-the-sea-party-food 3

Clam Cookies, so fun to make!

clam-cookies 8

Seashell Pasta, was simply seashell pasta, butter and garlic.

under-the-sea-party-food 8

Fish Food, were fruit kaboobs the kiddos really loved!

under-the-sea-party-food 9

Mermaid juice which is a blue punch purchase at the store. Sea water, simply purified water from the frig!

Under-the-sea-party-food 21

We lucked out and have a very talented Grandma who make this fabulous cake for us!

Ariel-cake 3

I created placed setting for each girl with Seashell and Burlap lap bottles set upon cut our dollies and diy paper placemats made out of card stock.  The tables were covered in fabric resembling the waves of the ocean, with scattered sea glass and flowers. The tables were simple yet elegant, with and under water feel.

Placemats 11

Placemats 12

I sent each girl home with a Mermaid Head Band that my daughter’s and I created. They doubled as decorations for the tables, I had each one labeled with tag which was also thier  name cards for seating arrangements too.

Placemats 6

Here are a few Under the Sea Mermaid Headbands we designed!

mermaid headbands Collage 3

This party was been so fun to create and host, I hope you will be able to use a few ideas in creating a Under the Sea Party of your own.


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Little Mermaid, under the sea party collage



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