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Life Size Angry Bird Launcher

I had so much fun making Angry Bird Party Decorations that I couldn’t stop.  I have enough projects to post every day this week.  So, I have now named this week Angry Birds week on! Once, we had made the boxes to throw balls at, I really wanted an launcher for the balls just like in the game.  I asked my husband, if he thought he could make one for me.  I suggested that he used wood and bolts to put one together. Then, I dropped the bomb on him that he had 4 days to do it in.  The next day he went to work and came home with an amazing launcher made out of pipes.  It then became my job to figure out how to make something to hold the balls in.  We did it!  We pulled this amazing launcher together in 4 days!

Here is what you will need!

Jim used two rigid 90’s and screwed them into a 2″ Pipe T.  Then, he capped the tops of the 90’s with a 2″ pipe cap.  Next, he added a 2″ pipe to the bottom of the pipe T to create the stem of our launcher.  Jim also made a 45 degree cut on the bottom of the pipe to make it easier to hammer into the ground.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 9

Then, we spray painted the entire launcher brown.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 11

Here is where I came in.  I had to figure out how to create something to put the balls in so we could launch then!  I ran to the 99 cents store and grabbed a strainer.

Angry-bird-launcher 1

We spray painted it brown.

  Angry-Bird-Launcher 2 Angry-Bird-Launcher 3

I had purchase some large rubber bands earlier that I added to the sides of the strainer.  First, we weaved the rubber band through one of the slates as shown below.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 4

Then, I placed the rubber band through the remaining rubber band.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 5

Next, pull the rubber band tight.  Repeat this on four sides. Make sure they are equal distance apart so the basket will hang even on the launcher.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 6

Now, attach the strainer to the launcher.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 7

Here you have it an Angry Bird Launcher.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 12

We did have to add a handle to our launcher at the party to make it easier for the kids to pull.  If I did this at home, I would have used a cabinet handle and screwed it on the bottom of the strainer.

Angry-Bird-Launcher 13

If you missed it earlier stop by and check out my post on Angry Bird Boxes to see how we made the boxes to launch the birds at!

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