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Last Minute Halloween Brownies

For the last 7 years we have been attending a Pumpkin Carving Party with a group of friends.  I always like to do something festive for the party.  This year, I signed up to bring a dessert.  I was super excited because there are so many cute and festive ideas on the internet.  Well, my intentions were good, but with making four costumes and the twins getting sick my time grew thin.  So I decide to do Last Minute Halloween Brownie.

I used a box brownie mix and added chocolate chips to the batter.  This gives it a little something extra and turns out pretty tasty.   I also made chocolate chip cookie brownies.  I figured if I cut both types of brownies, placed them on a platter and it would be fine to take it to the party.

Well, it wasn’t festive enough for me, so I went to the cupboard where I always keep different color Wilsons Candy Melts that I can use to spruce things up.  To my surprise I found some orange!!!  I figured I could drizzle a little orange over the brownies to make them look more festive.  Then on the chocolate chip cookie brownies I put a thin layer of orange over the entire brownie and added some chocolate chips to the top.  Orange and Black (or Dark Brown) always reminds me of Halloween.

Halloween Brownies 2 1 

Then, I ran to the 99 Cents Store and grabbed a Halloween platter to place the brownies. So, I stacked the two different kinds of brownies on the Halloween platter and we were ready to go.

 Halloween Brownies 1

I also find that if you put your desserts in cupcake holders they look fantastic and gives a little extra flare.  

halloween brownies 3 1

Halloween Brownies 4 1

Halloween Brownies 5 1

Just remember even if it’s last minute, just by adding the little extra touches, it can make all the difference.

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