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Kids Valentine Table

Valentine’s Day is so much more then the love between two individuals, it about showing love to all the people in your life that you care about.  My girls wanted to have their friends over and have a Valentine’s dinner sleep over.  My Husband and I don’t like to fight the crowds on Valentine’s Day at the local restaurants so we usually cook our favorite meal at home so we agreed to the girls request.  The girls wanted to set a Kids Valentine Day Table and have several choices of goodies to choose from, you know Valentine’s Day is the #1 chocolate and candy day of the year!

I started off by covering our kitchen table with two different table clothes. Next, I made placemats by gluing several different sizes of colored papers cut into hearts shapes together and personalizing each placemat with the girls name.  I then placed a clear glass plate on the placemats and a plastic champagne glass at the top of each setting. (My girls always feel special when they get to drink out of champagne glasses.)

Valentine's placemats

For the centerpieces, I used different jars of sweet treats; pink and white marshmallows, M&M’s, candied popcorn, and little heart shaped pastries for the girls to partake in after dinner.


At the top of each place setting I added heart shaped plates filled with strawberries and a special pudding treat.  I served pasta to the girls but each girl got to chose the sauce of their choice; red sauce, white sauce or butter noodles.


Here is a finished picture of the Kids Valentine Table.


Simple and easy Kids Valentine Table decorated only with items I had in my cabinets. So fun and festive, any little kid will enjoy it.


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Valentines Day Table

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