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Kids Painted Gemstone Rings

It was a rainy day and my girls wanted to do crafts all day.  I love it when I have craft buddies!   We ran to JoAnn’s Craft Store and picked up a few items to make fun crafts. We all wanted to make different items so we ended up getting several  crafts to make!! My daughter Becca decided that she wanted to make Gemstone Rings.

We purchased a  Creativity for Kids 10 Pop Art Rings kit that had:

  • Clear Gemstones
  • Paints
  • Paint brush
  • Metal rings
  • Glue dots

The first thing I did was place the loose items in bowls to help keep the small items organized and from falling on the floor. Whenever I craft with the kids half the items end up on the floor so I try to keep them as organized as possible.

Rings 1

Then, we placed newspaper down and added a blank piece of paper for Becca to paint on.

clever-holder 3

Here are some on the finished painted gemstones Becca painted. If you like the Clever Holder that Becca is using check out our post from yesterday on how and why we made this.

rings 2

Once, the gemstone dried we added the glue dots to the metal rings and pressed the gemstone on top.

rings 3

Here is Becca wearing a few of her Gemstone Rings.

rings 4

Making the rings was a blast.  It was easy to make and Becca could do every step by herself.  When doing these ring I was thinking that they might need a stronger glue. I might skip the glue dots and use an industrial strength glue that dries clear instead.

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