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Kids Handmade Valentines

You don’t always have purchase store bought Valentines, handmade Valentines can be a lot of fun to create and the gratification your little one will exudes when finished is amazing. Last year my 7 year old daughter took a huge interest in drawing so she asked if she could draw and create her own Valentine cards. I love the little artist/crafter she has become, so I was excited to help her. Making Kids Handmade Valentines is not only rewarding for your kiddo but rewarding for your pocket book too.

The first thing I had my daughter do was create a drawing of what she wanted her Valentine’s to look like.  She simply used plain white paper, colored pencils and black sharpie. I had my daughter outline her drawing with a black sharpie to make the picture pop.  Then, I took her picture and scanned it into the computer and resized the drawing to 3 x 3 square.


Once, I had all the pictures on the page (it was about 8 per page) I printed out 30 for the class and cut them into 3 x 3 squares.  Next, we cut red card stock into 4 x 4 squares and glued the pictures onto the card stock.  My daughter then signed the back of the card for her classmates. Simple and easy to execute.

valentines with boarder

It seems like now a days a valentine isn’t good unless it has candy so you can punch a hole in the corner of card stock and attach it to a lollipop with string or just tape or staple a piece of candy to the Valentine. Now, you have a Valentine that every little one will love.

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Kids Handemade Valnetines





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