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July 4th Family Traditions

My family loves the Fourth of July! Ever since I met my husband, it has been a tradition to go his parents’  house to watch the fireworks!  We are so lucky their house happens to be about 100 yards from where the city lights off fireworks.  We don’t even have to leave the yard and we have one of the best spots in town to watch the fireworks, we even can hear the music the city plays!   They have been having BBQ’s every 4th of July since they moved in when my husband was a young boy.  Now, we invade thier home with all of our friends and kids friends as well.  The more the merrier has always applied to the Hostetler’s 4th of July BBQ.


We start by inviting everyone by Evite, a great inexpensive way to let all our family and friends know what is going on!  We also ask the guest to reply with the side dish, appetizer or dessert that they are bringing in the comments to allow other quest to know what is being brought to the BBQ and we don’t get a lot of duplicates.  My In-laws always provide the hamburgers and hot dogs a great all American food! A few food items that we look forward to are the snow cones, homemade ice cream and goodies that remind us of the 4th!

July-4th-traditions 1

Summer Toys:

My husband and I always have a bouncer, toys and water toys for the kids to play with, blow up pools, water balloons, slip and slides, chalk, bubbles, etc.

July-4th-traditions 2

  July-4th-Traditions 3

Wagon and Bike Parades:

We have a little parade for the kids!  They stroll around the neighborhood and our city park that light off the fireworks in wagons that have been decorated for the 4th of July!  Now, my oldest daughter is getting too big for a wagon so we decorate her bike! Each year the wagons get a little more creative

4th-of-july-wagons 2 4th-of-july-wagons 1

July-4th-Traditions 5

Fireworks Show:

As the night sky’s turn to dark, we place chairs in the street, which has been blocked off and blankets on the yard to watch the firework show.

  July-4th-traditions 4

July-4th-traditions 6

July 4th has brought us so many fun memories and traditions that we will be looking forward to and sharing with our children for years to come.

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