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DIY Ice Cream Party Ideas

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Now, isn’t that a true phase.  I haven’t met to many people who don’t like Ice Cream.  When we decided to host the Kick off the Summer Party for my Daughter’s preschool class, we thought ice cream would be a fun theme.  Becca my daughter is lucky to have one of her besties in her class so I called her mother (whom happens to my Bestie too) and asked if they would like to co-host the party with us!  Dinah, Mia’s mom is the creator of so she quickly responded with a YES! We both have a love for hosting parties.  We were running short on time so we decided to make it simple, fun and laid back as possible.

Dinah whipped up some really cute and easy invite, which we handed out a week before the end of school. Check out how to make them by clicking on the link..DIY Ice Cream Invitations.   (photo courtesy of DIYInspired).

DIY Ice Cream Invitations (2)

We both came up with a some quick decoration, with the ice cream cone theme!  I made, Ice Cream Cone Lanterns, if you like them stop by and check out my how to make, Ice Cream Cone Lanterns !

ice-cream-cone-decorations 6

Dinah created these cute ice cream cone banners out of real ice cream cones and water balloons, very, very clever!

Ice-Cream-Party 2

We had a few extra ice cream cone banners so we used them as a table runner!

Ice-Cream-Party 4

Now, our main focus was on our Ice Cream Station! I have a wine rack that I thought would be the perfect height for the preschooler to be reach so we turned it into our ice cream station.  I picked up two big tubs of ice cream, which we place in big bowls filled with ice to help keep the ice cream from melting.  I as grabbed some chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, and whip cream to use as toppings.

Ice-cream-party 5

Dinah brought along some different types of candies and sprinkles for extra toppings. The kids really enjoyed these!  I used a old candle holder I had to hold some of the toppings.  I did this by cutting some holes in a piece of paper big enough to hold some sugar cones and hot glued the paper to the candle holder.  I then placed the sugar cones in the candle holder and filled them with toppings.

Ice-Cream-Party 6

The completed Ice cream Station.

Ice-Cream-Party 1

I just had to share a picture we took of the kids screaming for ICE CREAM!

Ice-Cream-Party 8

I have to say this was one of the easiest parties I have ever had, the decorations where quick and easy to make.  The ice cream station was the focal point of the party adding to the decor and part of the food as well.  We also served pizza and salad to the guests!

Our Happy Hostesses

Ice-Cream-Party 7

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