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How to Replace a Dryer Door Switch!

I just got that overwhelming feeling you get when a major appliance doesn’t work.  I was drying a load of laundry, when I noticed an hour went by and the clothes weren’t dry.  I thought, oh great I did it again…I walked away without turning the dyer on.  I often have one or two kids trying to help me do the laundry and since they are 3 and under I get a little sidetracked sometime.  We’ll anyways; I closed the dryer door and pushed the on button.  The dryer went on then all of a sudden the door opened.   Something was wrong…I called my husband and he assured me I didn’t need to call the repair guy and he would check it out when he got home! My husband figured out the door switch was broken.

The first thing Jim did was look up the part on line. He found the part and placed an order, it cost around $15.00, and I was so excited. It would cost about $50 for the repair guy to come out and do a diagnostic test on the machine.  Within 1 week the part had arrived.  The process to replace the switch was extremely easy.

First, and probably most important thing to do, Unplug The Dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 1

Remove the lint catcher.

Dryer-switch-fixed 2

Unscrew the two screws.

Dryer-switch-fixed 3

Pull forward and up on the top part of the dryer. Jim used a stick to hold the Dryer top up while he worked. Remove two more screws in the front wall of the dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 4

Detach the dryer switch from the wires inside the dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 5 Dryer-switch-fixed 6

Here is a picture of the broken switch and new switch.

Dryer-switch-fixed 7

Now, attach the new switch. Place the switch through the hole in the front wall to the dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 8

Screw in the two holes in the front wall of the dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 12

Close the lid and replace the screws where the lint catcher goes.

Dryer-switch-fixed 10

Replace the lint catcher and plug in the dryer.

Dryer-switch-fixed 11

The entire process took less than half an hour and cost less than $15.00.

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