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How to make Gelarti Sticker version of a Stain Glass Window:

Tiffany had so much fun making her Galarti Glass Jar Candle that we decided to make Stickered Stain Glass Window.  I went to the 99 cent Store and bought two photo fames to start the project. Luckily everything else we needed we already had at home!



What you need:

  • Gelarti Stickers
  • Photo frame
  • Eye Lag Screw
  • E6000 glue
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Ruler
  • Hammer

First, remove the backing.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 7-1

You might have prongs that hold the picture and backing in place, you can either remove them with pliers or bend them backwards against the frame.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 5 1

Now, glue the glass to the inside lip of the frame where the glass rest with E6000 glue.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 6 1

Then, choose which way to add your stickers, either horizontally or vertically. This will determine where to place the eye lag screw. I then measures 1 inch in on each side and marked a spot to add the eye lag screw. This will help to keep the two picture frames even when you hang them together.  I used a hammer to nail the eye lag screw in first, then screwed in the eye lag screw.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 4 1

I also added eye lag screw to the bottom of one frame so that I could hang them together.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 8-1

Now, clean the glass with glass cleaner and let dry. Tiffany then created a scene on the glass.

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 3 1

Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 2 1

Final, we added ribbon to the eye lag screw and it’s ready to hang in the window.

 Gelarti Sticker Stain Glass 9-1

The possibility with Galarti stickers can be endless.  We have had so much fun, from making stickers, adding color to the stickers and finding something to decorate with them.

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  1. Great idea if I can only find the time between tons of Hwk – practices and do it! But I’m
    Willing to try!;)

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