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How to Make a Snowflake!

I don’t know about you but I have been asked to make a snowflake a few times in my life.  I always have to try a couple times before they even come out remotely like a snowflake.  Well, this morning my daughter asked me to help her make one, I thought “oh no, here we go”.  My husband chimed in and said he would do it. Well, let’s just say, he made a beautiful cut out square.  So we tried a few time and I think we have it down.


What you need:

* Paper

* Scissors

First, you will need a piece of paper, if it is not a square fold the paper to create a square. Cut off the excess paper. Then, fold to create a triangle.  Press the edges down to make a nice flat crease.

Paper-Snowflakes 1

Paper-Snowflakes 2

Now, fold the paper again to create a smaller triangle. Once again make sure to press down to make the crease as flat as possible.

Paper-Snowflakes 3

Paper-Snowflakes 4

Once, more fold the paper to make a smaller triangle.

Paper-Snowflakes 5   Paper-Snowflakes 7

We are ready to cut.  Find the center.  See below.  Hold on to the center point, it will be the center of the snowflake.  Now, it’s time to get creative cut squares, circles, triangles, squiggles, lines or anything you can image.  The more cuts you make, the more intricate it looks.

Paper-Snowflakes 8   Paper-Snowflakes 9   Paper-Snowflakes 10

Once, you are finished cutting your design unfold the paper and you have a snowflake.  Make sure when unfolding the snowflake you do it carefully and slowly so you do not rip the paper.

Paper-Snowflakes 11

Paper-Snowflake 12

Snowflakes are so fun to make and kid of all ages can do it with a little assistance.  My youngest daughter told me what shape to cut and where to make the cut and I cut it for them. They loved the folding part of the project. The best part about snowflakes is no two look alike so there is no wrong way to cut a snowflake.

Here are a few pictures that were the girls hung their snowflakes!

Paper-Snowflakes 13


Paper-Snowflakes 15

In Orange County, California the only way we get snow is to make snowflakes out of paper. 🙂


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