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How to Make a Headband Holder and Storage Container.

Having four girls in the family plus myself, I have found that headbands have become an everyday wear for at least one of us. The headbands were being thrown into a drawer making it hard to see them and not to mention being damaged.  I decided to make a holder for the girls to display on the bathroom sink.

Here is a step by step how to create a Headband holder.

What you will need:

  • Roll of paper towels
  • Empty Container (I used an pretzel container)
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • A stand
  • Paint
  • Knob
  • Tape
  • drill

First, place few different headbands around the container to determine the thickness. I needed girth, so I added paper towels around the container to get the desired thickness. Headbands very in size so be sure to use more than one headband when determining the size. Then, cut the fabric to go around the container. Leave enough to make an edge. Then, lay the fabric down and fold one side over about ½ an inch and glue it down with your hot glue.  You might want to use the end of a ruler to push the pieces of fabric together the glue is hot. This will create a nice edge for your holder.

Head Band holder and Container 002 1

Next, take the fabric and wrap it around the container. (I placed a piece of tape to hold the fabric in place so it wouldn’t move when I was wrapping the fabric around.) Be sure to use the unfinished edge first so your finished edge is on the outside.

Head Band holder and Container 008 1

Now, on the open end of the container, place a line of hot glue on the inside edge and begin folding the fabric inside. (Once again, it will be hot; you may want to use something to press it down.)  Then, flip the container over and add glue to the bottom of the container and press the fabric in like you would be wrapping a present.

Head Band holder and Container 009 1

Head Band holder and Container 014 1

Next, you will need to drill a little hole in the top of the containers lid.

Headband holder and container 012 1

Now, we need to paint a little.  I decide to spray paint the lid to give it a smooth look.  I also found an old candle stick holder and spray painted it white to use as the base.

Headband Holder and Container 1

Headband-Holder-and-container-018 1

Then, add your knob to the lid. Go ahead and place your lid on the container.

headband holder and container 040 1

headband holder and container 029 1

Now, you can glue your fabric covered container to the base. 

Head Band holder and Container 007 1

Head Band holder and Container 013 1

The finished product!

headband holder and comtainer 032 1

Inside the container we put miscellaneous hair ribbons, bows, and clips.

Head Band holder and Container 004 1

I placed the Headband Holder in the girl’s bathroom and it is holding the girls headbands great! Inside the container we put extra ribbons and some clips.  I did run into one problem…WE HAVE TO MANY HEADBANDS FOR THE HOLDER…check back by and see the Hanging Headband Holder I made to solve the problem of to many headbands!

Headband holder and container 043 1

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