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Horse Racing Centerpieces

We were off to the Horse Races to celebrate our friend turning 40. His wife asked, if I would help her create a few Horse Racing Centerpiece for the tables that she reserved.  The challenge here was I had to create something lite weight and easily transportable, we were going to take the train to the horse races.  I thought about transforming cereal box and/or making something out of paper, with this vision in mind, I headed to Michael’s Craft Store and a few things changed.  I came up with some spring grass boxes, ribbon and the rest I would get from my craft closet.

Supplies you will need if using grass boxes:

  • Grass box  (a box and artificial grass can be used here if you cannot find the grass box I purchased)
  • Ribbon
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Two sizes of circle hole punches
  • Skewers
  • Glue (E6000 or Glue Gun)
  • Printed Image of a race horse

You will also need the following if using a cereal box:

  • Empty Cereal Box
  • Crafting Foam
  • Grass Squares

Step 1: Creating your Box of Grass

I have to admit I was going to make small boxes out of cereal boxes and paint, wrap a ribbon around them and add artificial craft grass to the boxes. If you are interested in doing this check out my Upcycled Cereal Boxes to Casino or Poker Centerpiece post to see how to create the box.  When I went to Michael’s to purchase the grass, they had these grass boxes with grass already in them, in the clearance section for only $1.50 which is cheaper than the grass squares, so I purchased them instead of making my own. I ALWAYS head the clearance section 1st!

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 2

Sorry, for the quality of the picture, I forgot to take one of just the boxes.


Step 2:  Creating your Medallion

I have a step by step DIY Award Medallion Ribbon you can click on to see just how to make these. I used Ipiccy to create a Happy Birthday center for the Birthday Boy.


Step 3: Creating the Jockey and Race Horse

This one can be a little tedious and if anyone has a better way to create this, please feel free to share in the comments.   I do have a cricket for cutting out images but I didn’t have an image of a racing horse.  I went to google image and found the jockey and race horse that I liked best and printed it out. I freehand cut the image out.  Once, I had my image I used it as a template to trace on black card stock, I need several to fill my centerpieces. (Please use card stock or a heavy paper otherwise the paper will circle up over time.)

Now, how to place the cut out horses on to the skewers.  I didn’t want the sticks to show so I used two cut-outs per centerpiece.  I place one of the cutouts on the table and glued the top 2 inches to the skewer to the cut out, then I added more glue and glues another cut out on top to align with the cutout with the skewer attached covering the skewer top.

Your Race Horse skewer is now ready to place in the centerpiece.


Step 4: Assemble the Centerpiece:

Simply place the Medallion Ribbon toward the back of the box and then the race horse skewer toward the front of the box.  You have your finished Horse Racing Centerpieces!

Horse Racing Centerpieces

These centerpieces were great for travel because they could all be placed in one bag, you could pull them apart and reassemble quickly.

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