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Dough Christmas Ornaments

It would not be Christmas without ornaments, Right? I try to make a different ornament each year; this helps to fill my tree with a personal touch and creates a keepsake from every year. This year the girls made Homemade Dough Christmas Ornaments.  Below, I will give the recipe for the dough and show how we create the ornaments themselves.

Let’s start off with the Dough Recipe. Follow the directions below to to create your Dough Ornaments.

Dough-ornament Collage 2

My girls enjoyed helping make the cut outs and watching the cut outs bake.

Dough-orniments 1

Once, the cut out have cooled, the girls painted them.  We used acrylic paint, but any craft paint should work fine.

Dough-orniments 3

Here are a few of the finished dough ornaments.

Dough-ornaments 4

My twin daughters were only 7 months old the year we made the dough ornaments so I decided just to make little circles and have the girls place their hands in them to make hand prints. I baked them after the hand prints and added paint to them to make the hand pop out.

dough-ornaments 5

When you make homemade ornaments remember to always put the year and the name of who make the ornament on them.  This will help to insure that the correct person is given credit in future years.


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Dough-ornaments-Collage 1

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