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Hand Painted Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I always try to do something handmade for my Mom and Mother-in-law.  This year I decide to have the kids do Hand Painted Salt and Pepper Shakers. The girls love to paint and everyone can always use salt and pepper shakers.

What you will need:

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Craft Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Spray Sealer/Finisher


Step 1:

Wash the Salt and Pepper Shakers, working on the clean surface is best!

Step 2:

Design your picture; I had my girls practice on paper first so they had an idea of what they were painting.  The Salt and Pepper shakers are a small area so it helped them get familiar with the paint strokes.

Step 3:

Paint the Salt and Pepper Shakers! We decided to paint small flowers on each side.  This gave it a little decorations but wasn’t to over bearing.


My daughters were so excited about their work! I had my girls paint one side each of the shakers and I painted their initials on the side they painted.

 Step 4:

Spray an acrylic sealer/finisher to assure the paint will not wash off.  I sprayed two coats.  I have to admit that I grabbed the wrong sealer, a matte one and a clear or glossy would have been a better choice, oops!

salt and pepper

The finished Handed Painted Salt and Pepper Shakers, all they need now is some salt and pepper. I have to say I was really pleased with how the salt and pepper shakers turned out!


I think that my Mom and Mother-in-law will be excited to receive this year’s hand painted Mother’s Day gifts this year!  (To my Mom’s, Sorry that you are getting a sneak peak at your gifts this year!)

Hand painted salt and peper shakers

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Salt-n-Pepper Shakers

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