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Halloween Center Piece

Fall is here and there is no better way to get in the mood then to decorate your home.  We have a center piece that has been a long standing staple piece for us on our dining table that I like to add a little flare to during the holidays.

Halloween is around the corner, so I added a label to the wine bottle by down loading a cute image from goggle images.  I made it large enough to cover the original label and used cute card stock to embellish the image.

Halloween-wine bottle label

I added a spider to the bottle using a thin wire.

september 2012 233

Then in the wine glasses I added small votive with candles and surround them with candy corns.

Next, I added a Halloween garland to the tray holding the wine bottle and wine glasses to give a finished look.  I also added a witch to the corner of the tray to go with the picture of the witch on the label.

By adding a few holiday items to what you already have in your home can make the best holiday decorations.

The finished product:

september 2012 234 (580x387)

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