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Golf Caddy Cozy Coupes

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My Twins fight over a Cozy Coupe my friend has a her house every time we go to visit, so when my twins turned one, a few of our friends bought the girls their own Cozy Coupes.  The Twins will spend hours playing in them.  One day, I left to run some errands and my husband was in the back yard with the girls, pushing them around in their Cozy Coupes and found two little plastic golf club sets that were from their Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party.  Well, let’s just say I am not the only one in the family that likes to add their own touch to things.

When I arrived home my husband asked me to come out and check out what he had done.

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Yes, he added the golf club sets to the back of the Cozy Coupes! He said it is a great way for the girls to get uses to playing golf.  The running joke around my house is the girls will play golf professionally, after all we have a perfect golf foursome and Daddy will be the caddy.

This process was actually very easy.  All you need is a Cozy Coupe, plastic golf set, drill and some screws.

First, remove the golf clubs from the bag.  Next, place the bag on the back of the Cozy Coupe and hold it in place.  (It might be easier if you have someone hold it for you.)  Then, from the inside of the Cozy Coupe drill the screw through the Cozy Coupe to the golf bag.  Just make sure the screws are long enough to go though both Cozy Coupe and golf bag.  (Make sure the screws are not too long or the golf clubs will not fit back in the bag.)  Replace the golf clubs and your kids are ready to go golfing.

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  1. Laura and Dad // September 28, 2013 at 5:09 pm // Reply

    Such a Great Idea!!! Add 2 Golf pros to the Family! So cute! Too Cute!!! Cup cake idea is great for Senior food parties and sales as well as would be great for party to put the persons names on so they know where to sit! You could put a coin under one cupcake and when they get it they get the prize! We Love You All! Bob is busy taking photos and writing down how he did it to another cabinet project! He’s got the bud too! Hope to soon have a sight up too and be sharing his so Great Ideas! Love you all! Grandma and Grandpa!

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