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GMC DIY Challenge

I have to say, I just had one of the most amazing weekends of my life. I am honored to have been able to compete in a GMC DIY Challenge on Dinah Wulf at DIYInspired team, along with my  Dad, Bob Sevick ,who now has the nickname “Bob the Builder “.  GMC partnered with Habitat for Humanity and design expert Kathryn O’Shea-Evans from This Old House to host three teams of DIY Influencers, Brad Pennington and his team from and MOCA Handcrafted as well as Timonthy Dahl and his wife Laura from Charles & Hudson to create one-of-a-kind furniture piece using only materials from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  What almost seemed like an impossible challenge became an experience of a life time.

It all began with the delivery of a GMC vehicle to Dinah’s home that we used to drive to LA and use for the use of hauling our Habitat for Humanity finds.


Then, we met  the crew, the minds of the project and our COMPETITORS!  One of the best part of this challenge was meeting them; the most genuie , real individuals I have meet in a long time.  I truly feel we have made some friends for life and DIY influence that will continue to help each other out in the blogging world.

When we rolled up to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore we were greeted by a Camera crew, sound guys and professional photographers, a very surreal scene.  This project was a little bigger then we expected, which made us a little more nervous and excited all at the same time.


I had never been mic’d before, all little unnerving, once you are mic’d all conversations are heard, I learned this quickly when I made a phone call to my Husband and girls, after I ended the call the sound guy came over to tell me how cute my girls sounded and that he could tell I was a loving mommy.  Yes, he heard our whole conversation.


After a couple of hours of filming the introduction of the show, we were allowed to enter the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the fun began, grabbing items so the other teams wouldn’t take them and creating a masterpiece in our minds…ok and maybe a piece of scrap paper my Dad had, thank goodness.  We were a little under prepared, we didn’t even bring a tape measure into the store. What were we thinking?




IMG_7562 IMG_7512

Then, we headed off to Home Depot for a few items and to the CLVT Studio in Los Angeles where the building began. Transforming furniture of one kind into another, all while racing against the clock. Here are a few photo’s of my team hard at work.



I would love to tell you the outcome of the GMC Challenge but we are not allowed to share until the show airs.  Plus, it really wouldn’t be any fun to watch then, RIGHT!  So come back soon for more pictures of the wrap up of the show and our finished product, that will be donated to a Habitat for Humanity Home.


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