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Glittered Pumpkins and Gourds

The Holidays are in full bloom!  Halloween just flew by and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here, then Christmas.  It is such a wonderful time of year! I was at JoAnn’s and everything from Halloween was on sale, so I grabbed some Craft Essentials Paper Mache Assortment Pumpkins.  This pack had various types of pumpkins and gourds!  I though what a score! I can use these for Thanksgiving.


What you will need:

  • Paper Mache  pumpkins and/or gourds
  • Glitter
  • Modge Podge
  • Sponge Applicator
  • Food Coloring
  • Small Mixing bowl

The first thing I did was add some Modge Podge to a bowl.  Then, I added glitter. Mix the glitter and modge podge together.  Keep adding glitter to your desired liking.  Next, I added some foods coloring.  There is no exact measurement, but if it starts to clump, do not add anymore. The mixture should be runny.  I think by adding the food color instead of paint it gave the paper mache assortment a glass like look!

Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourds 4-1

Glitter-Pumpkin-and-Gourd 3-1

Glitter Pumpkin and Gourds 2-1

Glitter Pumkins and Gourds 1-1

Now,  it’s time to add mixture to the Paper Mache assortment. Just use your sponge brush and brush a little on at a time.  I added more of the glitter mixtures in some areas to create contrast.  On a few of the pumpkins and gourds I added extra glitter after applying the mixture.

  Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 5-1

glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 6-1

glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 7-1

On each of the Paper Mache pieces there was a little extra piece at the top, resembling a candle wick….this gave me something to hold onto when brushing the mixture on. Once, I was finished adding the glitter mixture, I felt it wasn’t need so I cut them off.

  Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 8-1

Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 9-1

Then, we placed them in a few different places.

Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 10-1

glitter-pumpkins-and-gourd 11-1

Glitter-pumpkin-and-gourd 12-1

Hope I have given you some inspiration to add glitter to something in your home.  This process can be used on so many different things.

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