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Glass Gem Art

I would have never thought when I purchase these Glass Gems that my kids would have hour and hours of fun playing with them to create Glass Gem Art.  I have four daughters ranging in ages 2-7 and all of them really enjoy creating pictures out of Glass Gems. While watching the girl’s creativity at work I realized that not only were they having fun but they were learning as well. My youngest children were very interested in using the same colors having to separate and remove same colors gems from a bag of mixed gems; this is great for color recognition. They also had fun making patterns and shapes, all of which are very educational.

The Girls started with bags of mixed gems and I used plate chargers for them to create on. The chargers work great due to indentation on them helping the gems from slipping off the plate.

stone-art 2

They always seemed to start out with a few colors as their master pieces came alive.  I did not help the girls, I just let them explore and get creative all on their own.

Stone-Art 5

Brooklyn, one of my two years twins was very proud of her rainbow and clouds.

Stone-art 1

Jamie, my other 2 year old twin enjoyed making pattern with her gems.

Stone-art 3

My 4 year daughter Becca, learned quickly from her older sister how to make Dradonflies.

Stone-Art 4

While, Tiffany my 7 year old daughter, enjoyed making flowers, boats, butterflies, dragonflies, and so much more.  This one made me laugh …. a portrait of her Grandma.

Stone-Art 6

It was truly amazing to watch the girls work and get excited about their creations for hours.  And, I didn’t even purchase the gems for this but, now they are readily available for them if they want to create!


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Glass-Gem-Art Collage


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