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Get organized for homework with a HOMEWORK BOX.

School is just less than a month away and it’s time to get prepared.  Can you believe that school is about to start or maybe for some of you it was even started.  I try to have my girls ready for the start of the school year early so we don’t run around the last week of school going crazy, rather just relaxing and enjoying the last days of SUMMER. We start if not finish our school shopping by early August; Clothes, Shoes, Back Packs, lunch boxes and SCHOOL SUPPLIES.   Since, my youngest daughter started school; I have started a routine of having a HOMEWORK BOX.

Here is how we do it.

1st,  you need the schools supply list!  Some schools offer all the supplies but, they usually have a recommended list that is sent out or posted to the schools website.  I like to check the list, to make sure I have what is on the list, readily available at home too.

2nd, we raid our supplies at home to see what we have.  Believe me you usually have quite a few already! I always double the items on the school list. I will show you why below!

3rd, head to the store!  Make sure you have the list in hand of what you didn’t fill at home.

4th, Head home and get organized!


Here are the items required for my daughter’s 2nd grade class.

Pencil-boxes 1

Like I mentioned earlier, I like to have double what the school has, so we have a box at home for homework! Separate the items and place them in the pencil boxes!

Pencil-boxes 2

Here you have it…TWO pencil boxes ready for the start of the school year.  One, we send on the first day and the other box gets place in Tiffany’s desk at home as her homework box. (You might want to label the items with your child’s name for the box being sent to school.)

Pencil-boxes 3

Life is so much easier at the end of a long school day when Tiffany comes home and I tell her to get her HOMEWORK BOX and everything she needs to do homework is ready to go.  No looking for supplies for 10 to 20 minutes before we get started on homework!

Pencil-boxes 4

Being organized will help you and your child/children have a more comfortable learning environment!  Wishing you and your kiddo’s a wonderful school year!



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