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Gelarti Sticker Jar Candle

My daughters love to make things, paint, color or do anything that is crafty.  For Tiffany’s birthday she received a Gelarti Paint & Decorate Peel Off Stickers Design Studio, She has had hours of fun making stickers from this kit.  She loves it so much; she will not even share with her sister. Gelarti has thought about everything when putting this studio together.  It comes complete with a turn table so you do not smear the paint.  The paints stand hold the paint nicely and very convenient for use.  The wand used to spread the colors even has a spot.


I recently purchased a Gelarti Paint & Decorate Pell Off Stickers kit for a friends daughter at Target but I have also seen them at Walmart too.

 Gelarti 5 1

The first thing you want to do is set up your studio. Place your paints in the holders, wand in its spot and choose the sticker you want to paint and place it on the turn table.

Gelarti 7 1

Then, you can add the paint.  Let your imagination run wild!

Gelarti 8 1

Use your wand to spread the color evenly.

Gelarti 9 1

Once, you have painted the picture to your liking, it will takes several hours to dry.  So be sure to place them on a flat surface somewhere that it will not be touched or you can leave it on the turn table.  (If you choose to leave it on the turn table make sure no one accidently closes the lid.. it will smear the sticker.)

Gelarti 6 1

Tiffany had made about 4 different sticker collections when she asked, “Mom, where can I put these?”  I thought we could put some on a jar and place a candle inside and it would shine though when lit.

How to make the Gelarti Sticker Candle

The first thing we did was removed the label off a jar using WD-40. Then, clean the jar with soap and rinse.  The WD-40 is greasy so you must use soap to remove the grease film. Next, dried the jar. Make sure the jar is dried completely or the sticker will not stick.

Gelarti Candle 1

Gelarti-Candles 2 1

Gelarti-Candle 3 1

Then, Tiffany added the stickers to the jar.

Gelarti-candle 10 1

Gelarti Candle 12 1

Next, we added the candle.

 Gelarti Candle 11 1

In the evening, we lit the candle and it shine through enhancing the color of the stickers.  Tiffany was very excited!


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