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Gardening in the Fall

Planting a garden has so many benefits! Spending Quality Time with family, my youngest daughters enjoyed playing in the dirt while my older daughters loved digging the holes and helping plant the seedlings. Having Fresh Organic Food, I love knowing that no chemicals are being used on the food we consume.  A Learning Lesson for your kids, teaching the importance of our land and how to grow food for their future. This year we got a late start to our Fall garden so instead of planting seeds we purchased some seedlings. This is a first for us, so we can’t wait to see how they grow.


The first thing we did was remove all the remains, dead or wilting vegetables from our last garden, loosen the soil and then add some new mulch.

Gardening 10-1

Then, we dugs some holes.

gardening 1-1

Next, we loosened the roots of the seedlings, placed the seedlings in the holes and covered the roots with soil. Be sure to pack the seedlings down well.

Gardening 2-1

Gardening 4-1

Gardening 3-1

We place the stake that comes with the vegetables telling us their name and instructions next to the seedlings.

Gardening 5-1

We continued this until we planted all the seedlings.

Gardening 6-1

Gardening 7-1

Gardening 8-1

The last thing we planted was Sweet Peas; we placed them in front of an old gate that we added to the head of our garden.  We will be able to wrap the sweet peas around the gate as they grow an eventually they will continue to climb up the gate on their own.

Gardening 19-1

Final, we added a few signs, watered and we are ready for them to grow.

Gardening 9-1

After planting the garden we took a walk around the yard to see how a few fruit tree were doing and our artichoke plant.

Gardening 12-1

Gardening 14-1

Gardening 16-1

Gardening 18-1

Gardening 15-1

Gardening 13-1

The girls were so excited that they got to pick an apple for them and their sisters to eat from the tree.  Gardening can be so much fun for the whole family and the rewards are priceless!

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