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Flower Crayon Valentine’s

Becca and I thought for a while what to give as Valentines.  I decided that kids get lots of candy, so I would make something this year that wasn’t candy but fun for the kids instead.  We were making crayon flowers from old broken crayons and thought that they would be a great gift for her preschool class.   Becca loved the idea!  If you didn’t see our post on making the Flower Shaped Crayons stop by for a step-by-step how to.


The first thing I did was make a cute label for Becca to put on her Valentines. This was probably the hardest part because; we had to come up with a clever saying. Once, we had our saying, “You make my world colorful”, I used excel to create the label.  Then, we cut them using a paper cutter to get straight lines.

 Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 1 Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 2

While, I was cutting the labels, Becca placed the crayon flowers we made earlier in a 4″ by 6″ clear plastic bag.

 Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 3

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 4

  Crayon-Flower-Valentine 13

We then cut card stock 4 1/4″ by 5″ and folded them in half.

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 5

Next, we place the crayon stuffed bags inside of our folded card stock.

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 6

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 7

Then, we staples them…Make sure that the staples are face up so you can cover them with the labels.

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 8

Then, Becca use a glue stick to apply our printed label to the card stock.

Crayon-Flower-Valentine 12

Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 10

Becca couldn’t be any more excited with how they turned out.  She is ready to do her first Valentine exchange at school!

       Crayon-Flower-Valentine's 11

These would also make a cute party favor.  If you do not want to make melted crayon figures, you could add a few new crayons and the above saying would work too.

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