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Fish Lanterns

My husband walks in from work and asked me, “Is there anything that you can’t make out of a lantern?”  Yes, I have made a few other things from lanterns, Jellyfish Lanterns and Ice Cream Cone Lanterns. Now, I have these fun colorful fish lanterns that are so much fun to make.  You can create them in many different ways there are so many different species of fish out there. I changed the fins and tails on mine, but really the sky is the limit here.


What you will need:

  • Lanterns
  • Card Stock
  • Circle Punches
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

The first thing I did was cut out the fins, tails and lips. Like I said before there are so many types of fish, that there is no right or wrong way when creating these fish parts.

  Fish-lantern 2

Then, use a circle punched to make two different size circles for the eyes.  I wanted them a little more animated looking so I added the white part to my eyes, but a normal fish would be fine with just black eyes too.  I glued the black circles to the white circles placing them slightly off center when creating the eyes.

Fish-lanterns 3

Now, began assembling the parts to the lanterns.  Removed the metal part that holds the lantern at extension and glues the lips to one side and the tail to the other. Next, glue the eye to the lantern. Then, glued fins to the top and side of the fish, making all the fish a little different.  Once, all the parts are glues to the lantern, replace the metal part back inside the lantern.

Fish-lanterns 1

Here you have it a few of the Fish Lanterns that I used to decorate my daughters Under the Sea Party.

Fish-lantern 8

These fish lanterns were so easy to make and they helped to create a wonder under sea feel my daughter’s party.  Not to mention they are inexpensive and quick to make!

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Fish-lantern Collage


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