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Elf on the shelf ideas part II

We are about halfway through with our visits from Holly the Elf, before she goes back to the North Pole.  She has found herself in a few more silly places.  This year she has been hiding in some very unusual places.  Every morning when the girls wake up they race to different parts of the house to see who can find Holly  first, they are having so much fun. Here are a few of our Elf on the Shelf’s recent spots:


Holly was found simply hang on our lamp! Maybe she thought it was the North Pole :).

Elf-on-the-shelf 21

Holly was sitting on the counter where the girls eat breakfast every morning.  She brought a note with her that read “Dear Tiffany and Becca, Santa said that I should not come today, but I told him your are good girls.  So please be nice to your Mommy and Daddy and each others so I can return.  Your Elf Holly”.  Let’s just say the girls have been on good behavior since finding the note.

Elf-on-the-Shelf 22

In the bathroom, hanging out in the girls Headband holder…if you like the headband holder check out a quick how to make a Headband Holder and Storage Container.

Elf-on-the-shelf 23

Holly hid for a while in this plant without being noticed.

Elf-on-the-shelf 24

All wrapped up in bows.

Elf-on-the-shelf 26

The morning after we decorated the tree we found Holly in it just lying around.

Elf-on-the-shelf 27

Holly certainly found so fun places.  Where have your Elves been hanging out?  Let us know in the comments below! If you didn’t get a chance to see them earlier check out my ELF ON THE SHELF IDEA post.

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  1. Great Ideas Jen! Keep posting them!

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