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Elegant Retirement Party

My Mother-in-Law just retired from her working career!  Yea, more time to hang out with the family,(me and my kiddo’s that is.) The ladies from her work have a tradition of getting together and hosting the retirement party for the retiree! The Ladies hosted a simple yet Elegant Retirement Party for my mother-in-law at a local restaurant.

As you walked in the room there were large tables set with beautiful flower arrangements that were pieced together with both store bought and flowers from their personal gardens.  The flower arrangements were set upon strip of burlap used as table runners. The table runners were gathered a little to add texture and wine corks and flame less candles were scattered about.

retirement-party 6

retirement-party 5

A few of the tables had candle votive wrapped with a burlap ribbon, decorative glass and flame less candles.

retirement-party 7

Each table also had a butterfly attached to the candle, which gave a little pop of color to the table.

retirement-party 8

Once, you walked pass the table you came upon a gift table there stood a tri-fold poster with a map which read, “Oh The Places We Will Go”.  The Honorary has big plans of traveling as much as possible. The poster also had pictures of the family and friend that she had traveled with in the past, such a cute and clever way to display pictures.

Retirement-party 1 retirement-party 2

Retirement-party 3

Gift baskets were given that were filled with traveling essentials; maps to local travel spots, hotel vouchers, snacks, bottle of wine and more.

retirement-party 4

My Mother-in-Law had such wonderful work associates and caring friends, they couldn’t have planned a more perfect retirement gathering!

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