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Edible Tea Cups

My daughters are going to turn two next month, so I thought, I would share with you a few things from their 1st Birthday!  The theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland, there is so much to share from this party, so let’s start with these cute Edible Tea Cups!

My oldest daughter, my mother-in-law and I had so much fun making these.   You will need ice cream cones, cookies, frosting, circle gummy candy and colored sugar to create these adorable edible tea cups.  We decided that we would use rainbow colored ice cream cones to go along with all the colorful Alice and Wonderland decor.  You can choose any color to go along with your decor.  Next, we found a cookie that we liked, we went with a sugar cookie with a little design on the outside, just make sure your cone looks good on top of the cookie!

Before we assembled the cookies we cut off a little bit of the bottom of the cone to make the proportions look correct. (Using a serrated knife when cutting the cone will help to prevent cracking.) Once, we liked the height, we added decorator frosting to bottom of the cone and placed it on the center of the cookie.  Decorator frosting hardens rather quickly, almost like cement, which works well when assembling the Edible Tea Cups.


Once, the ice cream cone with frosting had dried, we placed a ring of frosting around the rim of the cone and dipped it in colored sugar. Now, we cut the circle shaped gummies in half and used our frosting as a glue to adhere it to the cone.


I filled the Edible Tea Cups with Starburst and placed them on the place setting for each child attending the party.  You can fill the Edible Tea Cups with anything to tailor it to your party theme.


Here is a picture of the Edible Tea Cup ready for the party goers.


The Edible Tea Cups were a big hit at the party, the little ones dug in right away eating the entire tea cup. Make sure to stop back by for more Alice in Wonderland Party decorations, cake ideas, and set up ideas.


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