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Easy DIY Cupcake Bouquet

Do you ever have an impromptu party for someone you know?  One of my friends called the other day and asked if she could bring her 2 year old daughter over to play. She wanted her daughter to be with a few of her friends on her birthday.  They were not doing a big party this year. I of course said. “Yes.”   So that morning, when I woke up I thought I would make some cupcakes for the little ones.  Well, I checked my cabinet and I had everything I needed but I didn’t have enough frosting to make a full batch of cupcakes.  I know, I could have made frosting but my time was running short.

So I grabbed my daughter’s mini cupcake maker and make a dozen mini cupcakes.

I let the cupcake cool and placed them on skewers, by added a little frosting to one end of the skewer and then pushing about half way through the cupcake. I waited a few minute for the frosting to harden and then I frosted the top. I used to different favors of frosting and added a sixlet candy for added decor!

Cupcake-bouquet 2

I placed the cupcake skewers into a tin that I had in my craft stuff.  The inside of the tin had a piece of Styrofoam glued in it already! (If you have a tin and Styrofoam you can do this by cutting the Styrofoam to fit, then hot glue the Styrofoam to the  inside of the tin.)  I then took strips of paper that I cut to about 1/4 inch wide and wrapped them around my finger to make curly cues to place inside the tin to cover the foam and add character to the bouquet.

Cupcake-bouquet 1

This little cupcake bouquet was so simple and easy to make. I was able to do the whole project in about 30 minutes.  The birthday girl was extremely happy and loved that the cupcakes where on skewers.  The mini cupcakes are the perfect size for little ones.

Cupcake Bouquets are not just for birthday, they would be great for thank you gifts, get well gifts, teacher appreciations and so much more!


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