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Easter Peep Skewers

Peeps!  I have to say that I honestly love Peeps.  I even buy them at the end of Easter and put them in the cabinet for a  later date.  Now, my love of these sugar covered marshmallows has been passed on to my children.  The girls wanted to do a last minute Easter craft and I had all the supplies to make Peep Skewers so and early morning craft was created.



What you will need!

  • Peeps
  • Skewers
  • Marshmallows
  • Powdered Sugar

I separated the supplies to make it easy for the girls to make the skewers.

Peep Candy Skewers 1

The first thing we did was roll the skewers in powdered sugar. This helped to make the Peeps and Marshmallows glide on easily. We also put more powder sugar on between added additional Peeps or marshmallows.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 2

The girls decided that they wanted to put a marshmallow, then a Peep Bird, then a marshmallow, then top it off with a Bunny.  You can get creative here and do anything you can imagine.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 4

Even my three year old daughter, was able to due this project. (Notice the messy hair and pajama’s, it was a early morning craft.)

Peep-Candy-Skewers 5

The girls were busy little workers.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 6

When we finished the Peep Skewers, we placed them in bags, to keep them fresh.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 3

We then added them to small Easter Baskets for a few of the girls friends and a bigger basket to place on our dessert table for Easter.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 7

Peep-Candy-Skewers 11

The girls had a blast making these delicious little treats, that they had to create a way to share them with their friends. They came up with the baskets idea pictures above.  This project was so quick and easy it is not to late to make a few to hand out on Easter or add to a basket for your dessert table!

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  1. Those look super cute! Can’t wait to try that for next year! 😉

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