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Earth Friendly Baby Shower

A few years ago my Brother and Sister-in-law were going to have their first baby.  My Mom and I quickly volunteered with a few others to throw the baby shower.  Alicia has always been very earth friendly, from planting her own gardens, to labeling trash cans, so no one will accidentally throw recycle products in the wrong can.  I thought it would be fitting to throw her an earth friendly baby shower.


Here are a few of the things we did to make her shower as earth friendly as possible.

We decorated the tables with live planted flowers and washable linens.  We purchased several geraniums and planted them in recycled jars and pots that we had around the house.  I also used some rocks that we had in our yard. The winner of the games we played at the shower was given one of the planted flowers to take home.

 Earth Friendly Baby Shower 7-1

For the food table we used a live Orange Tree in a basket as our focal point.  Jon and Alicia were able to plant the tree in their yard after the shower.

recycle blog 3-1

We used can food jars to hold the utensils.  We simply opened and removed the content inside.  Washed the cans out, removed the labels and placed a bow on them. (Yes, we ate what was in the cans too.)

 Recycle Baby Shower 1-1

We also used lots of baskets and reusable wooden bowl to create a fantastic looking table.

Recycle Baby Shower 2-1

We encouraged guest to get creative and wrap gifts in recycled products!

 Earth Friendly Baby Shower 8-1

Final, we sent the guest home with seed packets, with a tag that read “Plant these seed and watch them bloom, Just like baby Sevick that will be here soon.”

Earth Friendly Baby Shower 5-1

  Earth Friendly Baby Shower 4-1

It is truly amazing how easy it is to be earth friendly when you are thinking about it.  Remember, every little bit will help out in the future!

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  1. What a great idea! Very detail and thoughtful of u guys! Love it!

  2. Hey Jen!! We remember that!! Sweet loved it!!

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