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DIY Rapunzel Tower

My God Daughters was having  a Tangled Birthday Party, so I wanted to make a center piece for the food table and the first thing that came to mind was the tower that Rapunzel lives in. I thought for a few days and then headed to Micheal’s to see if I could figure out what material to use.

I came home with a two birds houses and a bag of moss. Then, I raided my craft supplies and found paint, flowers, coffee stirs, wooden plaques, and an old orange juice container.

The first thing I did was cut the small bird house I purchased in half using a hacksaw. I will be using these pieces as windows.

Rapunzal-Tower 2


I then took pieces inside to be painted.  I did forget to get a few pictures here..I cut the circular window into a rectangle and also cut a rectangle window in the other half of the bird house I cut in half.  Then, I glued the two pieces I cut in half to the larger bird house with the bottom facing up. I pulled the rod out of the bird houses that are used as perch for the birds and then covered the hole with one of my window pieces.  (You could actually use this as a bird house still).

Then, I began painting!  The first thing I did was paint everything brown, expect the roof which, I painted purple with a little white. Then, I painted the wooden plaques I had and few of the stir sticks a lighter brown.  Once, everything dried I glued the wooden plaques on two of the sides, along with a few of the stir sticks. (I did have to cut the stir stick to fit in some of the places.) Then, I glued more of the stir sticks I did not paint around the holes I cut to frame as windows and make X’s on the wooden plaques.  Last, I hot glued various flowers and leaves around the bird house.

Here is one side of the house.

Repunzal-Tower 4

Here’s another view the other window. If you look closely you will notice I glued this window slightly lower so I could place leaves and flowers around it.

Repunzal-tower 5

My next step was to create the base for the tower.  I used an orange juice container that I filled with dirt so it would not be top heavy. Then, I began hot gluing moss to the container. As I was placing the moss around I felt it need something else, so I sent my girls out to find dirt clumps and rocks, which I glued to the container too.

Repunzal-tower 6

Once, I finished with the base I used some E6000 glue and hot glue to attach the birdhouse to the orange juice container.  To finish off I added a few more rocks and moss to make the two pieces look like one.

Repunzal-tower 7

The finished Repunzal Tower!

Repunzal-tower 8

A close up with one of my daughters Rapunzel dolls in the window.

The tower complete with Rapunzel.

Repunzal-tower 10

Can’t wait to share the party with you too!

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  1. simplycreativeways // May 16, 2017 at 8:10 am // Reply

    Thank you for including me in your post! What a great collaboration on princess items. You can definitely throw a great party with these ideas!!

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