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DIY Play Kitchenette

Not too long ago we moved into a new house, when I set a goal to not purchase anything new for the home, instead take what I have and repurpose it into new things if I needed something. One of my favorite items I repurposed was a shelf from my old room that we hung in my daughter’s room to create a play kitchenette for their room.

We started by gathering the tools we need for hanging the shelf, which is a hammer, nails, screws, level, tape measure and a screw drivers.

Childrens-Kitchen 5

The key thing for hanging a shelf is to make it level, so when hanging a shelf you really need to use a level. Start by marking the wall where you want to hang the shelf.  The shelf we used had brackets, so we placed the shelf on our level lines and marked the holes where we would need to place the screws. Once, we had the marks we removed the shelf and used a nail to make the holes where we would be placing the screws. Once, we had the hole started we removed the nail, continuing with all the screw spots.

childrens-kitchen 6

Now, screw in the screws and your shelf is hung.

childrens-kitchen 7

This is where we turned the shelf into the framework for our kitchenette.  We did this by simply adding hooks to the underneath of the shelves.  This process is very simple; we choose a hook with a small enough screw that it wouldn’t go through the shelf.  Next, we used needle nose pliers to screw the hooks into place.

Childrens-kitchen 1 Collage

Here is a picture of the hooks, with my daughter’s kitchen supplies hanging.

childrens-kitchen 3

To finish up the kitchenette we added the refrigerator and stove that my daughters already had.  I placed them just under the shelf to create a Kitchenette feel.  My daughters were so excited and played with their kitchen for hours.

children-kitchen 1

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