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DIY Pearl Bracelet Kits and Bracelets

Do you ever buy beaded bracelets and look at them and think I could make these? Well, you can! Making beaded bracelets are really very easy as long as you have the supplies.  The good thing about supplies is, you don’t even need that many!  My daughter is having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s party and I thought that pearl bracelets would be a great party favor. As I started making them, I realized how easy they are to make that I decided to put together little kits and have the girls make the bracelets themselves.


What you will need.

  • Stretch Magic String
  • Scissors
  • Pearl Beads
  • Ribbon
  • Small Baggies
  • Glue

The first thing we did was measure my daughter’s wrist with the string to see what size we needed. When we cut all the strings at the same length and set them aside.

Pearl-bracelets 1

Next, we counted out the amount of pearls that it would take to fit on the string we cut earlier.

We decided to add a ribbon to our Pearl Bracelets so we cut a ribbons about 12″ long to make a bow.

Pearl-bracelets 3

We placed all out items in little zip lock baggies for each girl attending the party.

Pearl-bracelets 4

Now, let’s put the bracelets together.

First, you will need to get your string and one pearl out of the bag. Tie the string around the pearl with enough string left to tie the finished end to later.  Then, start adding all the beads. (It’s fun to create different patterns here!)  Once, you have all the pearls stung tie the two ends together.  Now, add a dab of glue to the knots so that I string would not come apart.  Finally, finish off the bracelets by tying the ribbons around the bracelet.  I like to add the ribbon where we added the two ends of the bracelets to give a finished look.

Pearl-bracelets 6

The Pearl Bracelets were such a big hit at the party and the girls were so proud of the beautiful bracelets they made.


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Pearl-bracelets Collage 1

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