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DIY Juliet Costume from Gnomeo & Juliet

My daughter fell in love with The Gnomeo and Juliet movie when it came out last year so, when Halloween came around all she wanted to be was Juliet. The one problem I came across was there were no costumes of Juliet available.  So Becca’s solution was for Mommy to make a DIY Juliet Costume from the Gnomeo & Juliet movie. I am not a great seamstress so; I tried to make the costume, with the littlest amount of sewing possible, I upcycled old shirts for a few components to this costume.

I started by sewing the skirt.  This required one straight line of sewing to place the elastic at the top of the skirt.  Then, I folded the bottom of the skirt over about 1/2″ and created a hem. Final, I folded the fabric in half and sewed the skirt together!  Sewing straight lines wasn’t too bad. I also sewed the Gnome hat too.

Gnome-costume 1 Gnome-costume 2

The next thing we did was, use one of my Husbands old white under shirts and cut it up to make an Apron. The steps below show just how to cut the shirt. 1. Start with a plain white t-shirt. 2 Cut a straight line across the shirt under the armpits. 3. Cut off the sided into an apron shape leaving a strip for the tie. 4. Now you have your Apron shape. 5. Cut the back flap of the apron off. 6 Pull the tie part up to make a circle. 7. Cut the center of the circle. 8. Your apron is ready, add any embellishments your want.

Once, the apron was finished I tied it around the skirt.

Apron Collage

The next piece we created was the shirt or vest of the outfit. We purchased a shirt that fit my daughter just a little big. (There needs to be another shirt underneath) First, we cut the sleeves off.  Then, we cut the collar, to make it a scoop neck.  Now, that the shirt looks like a vest we added gold ribbon to make the embellishments on the Juliet Costume. I used E6000 glue to add the ribbons and then sewed on the gold buttons.

Vest Collage

Now, that we had all the components to the costume, we placed it together.  First, we put on the skirt. Then, the white shirt. Next, the vest over the white shirt. Now,  the best and final we added the apron to finish off the outfit.  Oh and the Gnome hat. My daughter was so excited how the costume turned out that she decided she wanted her twin’s sister to be Gnomes too.  I will show you how I placed theses costume together later.

Gnomeo and Juliet 5

A few pictures from Halloween night last year!  Becca wore her costume proudly alongside her sister >>>>>> from Monster High.

Juliet-costume 2    Juliet-costume 3

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