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DIY First Communion Banner

Eucharist classes are coming to an end and it time for those attending class to make their First Communion Banners.  My daughter is very excited about this project and has a very definitive mind as to what she wants on her banner.  We were given specific instructions from the church on the dimensions of the banner along with the hanger length and the symbols they could use that play a part in the Eucharist.

We started off by getting all the supplies we need:

  • Felt
  • Paper
  • Pen, Maker or Paint Pen
  • Ribbon
  • Gems
  • E6000 Glue
  • Glitter Glue
  • Lettering (I used wood) but any art media of your choose is fine.
  • Felt Banner and Rod (Our banner was provided by the church, make sure to check with your church, they might have specific instructions.)

Step 1:

Figure out the images you want to put on your Banner to represent you.  There are several places to find these; your churches Youth Director, Pinterest, Google Images, and blogs!

Since, the church provided us with a few template, we were able to use the Chalice, the Cross and the grapes provided.  When the Chalice was cut out we thought it was a little small so we used the cut out and traced around it to make a large one.  My daughter really wanted Doves on hers banner so we used google images to find a picture that would work as a temple and printed it out!


The chalice template cut out.


Step 2:

Cut out and trace items on felt.

Take the templates that you cut out and fold them in half. Now, take your felt and fold it in half and lay the template on the folded edge.  We found that it was easier to get an even image this way.  Felt is very hard to cut; sharp scissors are great to have when working with felt.


Step 3:

Glue items on to the banner.

My favorite glue is E6000 so we used this glue it is quick drying and did not run through the felt banner. To make the banner a little bit fancier we added gems to a few of the items and our name banner.  Tiffany wanted rays behind the cross so we simply used a yellow marker and then traced the lines with glitter glue for sparkle.  To make the grape, have more dimensions my daughter used black marker to make circles on the purple felt. To turn our oval into bread we used white paint pen. When creating the dove we used blue felt as an outline to the white paper doves we cut out. (The white dove on, white banner didn’t stand out to much.)  Each child was also asked to place their surname on the banner so Tiffany likes the ideas of creating a banner to place her name on, to glue onto the banner.  I wasn’t sure how to do the name, I didn’t want to cut the out of felt so I found some wooden letters in my craft closet that worked great after a little paint was added.


Step 4:

Attach the hanger.

Once again the church gave us specific instruction as to how long the hanger needs to be, ours was 3″ from the center of the banner.  Tiffany and I decided that we wanted to use ribbon and couldn’t decide which color so we braided them all together to make a beautiful hanger!  Any type of ribbon, rope, or decorative wire would be sufficient!

Eucharist Poster

Tiffany had such a blast making her First Communion Banner, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!


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  1. Thanks so much for the effort you went to to share this! I used your dove template to make ornaments for my felt wall Christmas tree. You can see how it turned out here

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