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DIY Cotton Candy Pops

I was asked by Mayfair to throw the Ultimate Cotton Candy Party or think of something outside the box using cotton candy and their fabulous cotton candy machine.  I wanted to do a fun party for my daughters and their friends but my daughter Becca broke her arm and I have found my world a little turned upside down.  In and out of doctor appointments and all the fun things that go along with kids broken bones.   I did manage to make these fun DIY Cotton Candy Pops.

What you will need:

I  have to say, I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but you never know until you try.   I pulled out my cookie cutters and decided on a design to create. Then, I started making balls of cotton candy, the denser the better. When you have a cotton candy ball big enough to fit the size of your cookie cutter, press the cotton candy down to resemble a pancake. When pressing the cotton candy down leave it at least a half inch thick. Now, use your cookie cutter to create your shape.

Cotton candy pops cutouts

This part was a little tricky, once you have the cotton candy shapes you will need to push a straw into the cotton candy shape you created. Twisting the straw as you add pressure helps to assure smooth entry.  I found that you need your hands to be extremely dry or the cotton candy will stick to your fingers, so  if you place the cotton candy shape on a paper towel before pushing the straw in, it would not stick.  You may also use powder sugar on your hands to help block the moisture from your fingers.


Here you have it DIY Cotton Candy Pops, they can be made into any shape you want and tailored to any party. I choose to make star wands which would be great for a princes party or even 4th of July.

Cotton Candy Pop

Cotton candy pops

Here is a picture of the DIY Cotton Candy Pops that I places in Styrofoam that I had in a bowl and covered up with more cotton candy, just an idea to show how you can display them at a party of your own.

Cottoncandy pops

Who doesn’t love cotton candy, these are sure to be a hit at any party.  I know my girls couldn’t wait to try them out. I even got the stamp of approval from my oldest daughter when she stated. “Those are really cool Mom!”

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DIY Cotton Candy Pops


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