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Dioramas! Have you ever made one?

My daughter Tiffany had to make a diorama for a book report about an animal and its habitat.  This was a big deal, she could not wait to get started, and she had to give a presentation to the class.  She chose a Dolphin for her animal and the ocean was a fun habitat to make.

Most people use a shoe box to make dioramas but, we didn’t have one big enough so we used a box. From there we headed to the store for a few items. We purchased paint, play-doh, chenille sticks, and sculpting clay.  We also grabbed a potato masher, paint brush, glue gun, cotton, white glue and foam brushed from our craft supplies. The girls headed outside to get rocks and sand from our sand box.

Dolphin-diorama 5

We started off by cutting the one side of the box off and the folds to the top of the box.

Dolphin-Diorama 1

We began by painting the box too different blue colors, dark blue for under water and a lighter blue for the sky above the water.   Then, we hot glued a piece of card stock into the middle of the box to separate the ocean from the sky. We painted the card stock with both blue paints to create the ocean water.

Dolphin-Diorama 2

While our box was drying we started making the underwater habitat.  We used chenille stems bent at different heights to look like seaweed. We rolled play-doh into balls and mashed them with a potato masher to create our coral.  The girls found rocks in the yard that we glued together for a home for the eel that Tiffany made out of play-doh.

Dolphin Diorama Collage 1

We then created the underwater creatures; dolphins, fish, clams, starfish and eels.  We used play-doh and the sculpting clay to hand shape all the sea creatures. We painted the dolphins grey.

   Dolphin-Diorama-Collage 2

Once, we had everything made we glued it into the box.  We cut slits on the card stock and placed the dolphins through them so it looked like the dolphins are jumping in and out of the water.  We hot glued the dolphins in place so they wouldn’t fall.  We used cotton putted apart to create our clouds and glued them to the box. To finish everything off we glued sand onto our ocean floor.

Dolphin-diorama 13

Here is picture of my proud daughter, Tiffany, with her Dolphin Habitat Diorama.

Dolphin-diorama  15

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