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Despicable Me Minion Party Game Ideas

Being that I do not have any boys, I am always excited when my daughters get invited to a boy’s party.  The theme of this party was a Despicable Me Minion Party and my friends have a lot of fun ideas. She did a great job at using everyday items and turning them into great party props.  These Despicable Me Minion Party Ideas can be replicated easily and are definitely budgeting friendly.

Bowling Pin Minions…the kids had so much fun taking turns bowling! Two bowling lanes were set up, using blue painters tape.  Then, she used painted soda bottles to look like the minion for the pins.  Little black ball were used as bowling balls to knock down the Minions.


Create your own Minion.  Use construction paper to cut out Minion bodies.  Then, we used the internet to find different Minion facial features, such as eyes and mouths, and cut them out.  Place glue, the bodies, facial features, and crayons to create their very own Minion.


Pin the Goggles on the Minion! This is pretty simple…Paint a Minion on a large sheet of paper and cut it out.  Then, tape it to a wall or something sturdy.  Next, have the kids take turns pinning goggle on the Minion. Just like pin the tail on the donkey, closed goggles to the right spot wins!

pin the eye on the minion

Here are a few sites to get printables, which will help make it easier when creating these games.

Plucky Mono.. Great goggle printable and additional party ideas

HaleGrafx.. Great printable for the Create Your Own Minion

These Despicable Me Minion Party Game Ideas are so easy to execute and were great fun for the kids to play.

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