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Design Your Own Tea Cups

Designing Your Own Tea Cups is fun on so many levels and enjoyable for all ages.  When I throw my daughter a Children’s Tea Party, I decided that it would be fun for the girls to design their own tea cups and take them home as party favors.  My daughter had gone to a few of the paint your own ceramic places and it can be so expensive that I thought we would do it on our own.  I know I say this a lot but it really is simple to do!

I started out on the search for plain white tea cups that were not too costly!  Believe it or not I actually found these at the 99cents Store. The problem was they did not have saucers, but I didn’t want to take the chance of losing the tea cups, so I purchased them anyways.  This sent me on a search for saucers. I figured if I couldn’t find any, I would just use a small cake plate.  I searched several store and to no avail. Then, I thought I would try the Salvation Army and can you believe it, I found a set of 8 white saucers, all matching and the perfect amount I need.  The best part was they were only $2.00. What a find!


I purchased a pack of Paint Pens for the girls to personalize their tea cups, however their little hearts desired.  It was fun to watch the girls as they designed the tea cups, a lot of thought and concentration went into the designs.  We baked the tea cups after the girls finished their designs. All Paint Pens vary with bake time so make sure to follow the instructions on the paint pen or its package.

Tea party Collage

Here is a picture of the finished mugs.

Design your own tea cup

Designing Your Own Tea Cups was such a huge hit with the girls, I can’t wait to use paint pens to design some other pieces myself.

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Design your own tea cup!

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