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Decorating bird houses!

Every time, we go to the  craft store my daughters ask  to buy the little wooden bird house.  I’m not sure where the obsession came from, but maybe it is from their Grandma Hostetler, who has a few dozen hanging around her yard. The bird houses add so much character to her yard and the birds actually use some of them too.  My girls watch the birds built their nests in them and have even witnessed a few birds take their first flights from them. Each bird house has it’s own unique look.


Here are some bird house in Grandma Hostetler’s yard!

Collage Bird House 10

Now,  here are a few bird houses that the girls have made in the past for their grandma.

Collage Bird Houses 3

This time the girls thought they would decorate the bird houses using markers.  Painting can sometimes be messy so we tried markers and here is how we did it! The girls simply used markers to color the bird houses and draw designs on them.

Bird houses 1

Next, we took a sponge brush that was dipped in water and painted over the marker, this made the color markers run a little giving a fun look.

Bird House 8

 Tiffany couldn’t be happier with her creation.

Bird House 6

Becca’s concentration level is off the chart!

Bird House 7

These little bird houses are to small for birds, but Grandma found a fun way to display them in her back yard as well!

Bird Houses 10

2 Comments on Decorating bird houses!

  1. Soooo cute! Wish u had a big tree To put them in as well. Will figure out something! Xoxo

    • simplycreativeways // January 17, 2014 at 9:09 pm // Reply

      Thanks Nathalie, we can figure it out for you. Maybe on a pole!! The birds love the bird house on the pole best!

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