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Decorated Pencil Boxes:

Instead of always hunting for pencils, erasers, and crayons when it comes time to do homework, we decided that it would be a good idea to have everything ready in a pencil box.  We headed over to target and to our luck in the dollar bens were some plain plastic pencil boxes. We thought they would be perfect, so Tiffany choose a pink one and Becca an orange one.  Now, having just a solid color pencil box was too boring for us, so we headed home with the pencil boxes and went to the craft closet. 

 Pencil Box 03 1

First, we decide on what cardstock we wanted to use.  Then, we cut it to fit the top of the pencil boxes. Next, I let the girls decide how they wanted to decorate them; they decide to give them a little bling so we added gems.

Pencil Box 2 1

Once, they added all the gems we glued the card stock to the box.   We covered the card stock with Mod Podge to prevent the paper from lifting and to help make it more durable.

 Pencil Box 011 1

The girls filed them with all the necessities they need for doing homework.

Pencil Box 04 1

Now, when it’s time to do homework they grab their boxes and they are ready to learn!

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