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Curling Ribbon and Duct Tape Pom-Poms

I’m at it again, making some quick easy props for Open Day in Softball.  My Daughters team in the Black Diamonds and it was hard to come up with Black Diamond things so I went the simply route and made these quick, easy Curling Ribbon and Duct Tape Pom-Poms.  They turned out to be a big hit!  The girls loved the Pom-poms.



What you need:

I cannot stress enough how easy it was to make these!!!


The first thing I did was find a book that was about the size I wanted the strands to be.  I began to wrap the curling ribbon around the book. The more you warp the fuller your Pom-pom.  I wrapped mine twenty times. Then, I slipped a cut piece of the curling ribbon between the book and the wrapped ribbon.

Pom-poms 1

Tie the curling ribbon with a loose tie.  Then, slide it off the book.  I found that if you use a flimsier book you can bend the book a little and the ribbon will remove easier.

  pom-pom 2

Once, the curling ribbon is off of the book tie a tight knot in the ribbon you tied earlier.

pom-pom 3   

Next, gather all the ribbons together and add the Duct Tape to the end of the ribbon you tied earlier. Keep wrapping the Duct Tape around until you make a handle.

pom-poms 002

pom-poms 003

pom-poms 005

pom-poms 006

Now you will cut the loops.  Pull through the pom-pom and cut the ribbons loops to form strands of curling ribbons.

pom-poms 007

Your Pom-pom is ready!

pom-poms 008

This was such a fun quick project.  I had to make 15 so my daughters helped and they had a blast!

Here is a picture from Softballs Opening Day with the girls enjoying the Pom-poms and the Sports Pennants I made!


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